Pond Installations

When we start planning a pond, we visit the property and talk to the homeowner.  We then begin the designing process. We design the entire project to suit the homeowners preferences, making suggestions wherever necessary. At the end, we leave behind a beautiful pond to add to the aesthetics of your property. We install small ponds, large ponds, and everything in between. Contact us  for inquiring about installations. 

2. We begin digging out the footprint of the pond.

3. We place the underlayment.

3. We lay the liner and begin placing rocks.

5. We build up the sides and the waterfall with rocks. We install hardware and lights.

6. We complete the stonework, fill the pond, and turn the pump and filter on.

Sometimes heavy machinery must be used to complete a project. While there is some assumed wear and tear on your property, we are skilled and dedicated to limiting damage inflicted on grass and plants. Working in suburban areas, there isn't always enough space for large equipment. If your yard is tight, don't worry. We use a variety of sizes of machinery and can fit into some tight spaces.

A pond we installed in Falls Church VA. The lights give a very nice effect at night.

A pond we installed in Falls Church VA. The colored lights add a very nice effect.


Proper lighting makes a huge impression on a pond. At night, without lights, the pond is very hard to see. Adding lights allows for more visibility as well as colors. We install lights of various shapes, colors, sizes, and types. Just ask about it and we'll help you find the perfect lights.